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Teotihuacan Recent found mysterious orbs and my take on global views of Ancient Astronaut Theories

Greetings Archaeo-Nauts!!

I would like to present my own hypothesis of the mysterious metallic orbs found under the Pyramid of Quetzalcoatl in Teotihuacan  just recently..

The orbs were found literary hidden inside the temple of Quetzalcoatl in teotihuacan, scientist are still trying to understand why priests hide them in such quick response to something that was happening in the area or in the world.

The orbs are made of a rare material called iron pyrite, it's believed the stones glow bright and were used to portray stars inside the sacred cave, but it's weird the stones were just laid there without any type of altar or human offerings, they were hidden and the pyramid seal for the next thousands of years..

It took archaeologist years of planing in order to penetrate the inner chambers of the pyramid, using a state of the art robotics named tlalocs ( Aztec rain god)

Some archeologist suspect the teotihuacan people knew they were not going to survive therefore they hid them sealed for eternity until now.

I was doing research on the material of this orbs and this is what I found:

They correspond to pieces of extraterrestrial meteoroids, resulting from melting and vaporization during entry into the Earth’s atmosphere. During this melt stage a significant loss of mass can occur through holes in their surface. The degree of heating and their original composition determine that only a few minerals have been founded in micrometeorites. 

So it seems like they are part of an Extraterrestrial origin, this said we are not sure to conclude if they are a large piece of weird asteroid material or they were given to them by an extraterrestrial civilization to safe keep.

This material also is not native to mexico!

Another interesting find is they were large amounts of "Mica" a material of found in southern brazil thousands of kilometers away! 

The teotihuacan people built pyramids on top of sacred caves, why was large amounts of a foreign material found inside of one of the largest temples constructed in the America's?

What was it used for? Mica it's known to be of a super conducting agent of electricity, and perhaps other uses that we do not poses or we had forgotten!

The orbs were once yellow glowing like gold from the jarosite, which forms as pyrite oxidizes. 

When archeologist discovered the tunnel they found traces of magnetite, pyrite and hematite all over the ceiling and floor chambers giving the place an intense glowing room atmosphere.

Teotihuacan is I said the most mysterious culture in the world we know nothing about them, no writing no record only we know stories from other cultures but originally we are clueless about this magnificent culture, when the Aztecs arrived here they named it teotihuacan city of the gods!! And as many other cultures like the Aztecs they tried to replicate their buildings and technology but the older the tech is the harder it gets to be replicated.

The legend speaks of giants coming from the sky to teotihuacan to establish civilization and seeding technology, actually the entire complex of teotihuacan portrays a blue print of our solar system a big coincidence? Perhaps but perhaps not as we begging to discover the complexity and the ingenuity of this lost civilization..

Legends speaks of Atlantis, mu, and lemuria continents that once formed a centralized government or senate of wise hybrid descendent aliens, that chose to stay on earth as their  original crew travel back to their planet, the question is were this ancient cultures part of a lost civilization that was formed a centralized nation? Are the teotihuacanos part of this lost megalithic culture?

The similarities between transoceanic cant be ignored anymore!! We are in the new age of awakening and the truth about our ancient galactic order it's beginning to be revealed once more!

The Giza pyramid base measures exactly the same as the pyramid of the sun, 750 square feet, and the pyramid of the sun is exactly as half as talk as the pyramid of Giza!! Coincide? Really? Come on!!

The "Quinametzin" are the metaphorical giants named in the ancient tradition, they referred to them as the creators of civilization, this coincides with other cultures as having communication with giant characters..

The legend speaks that "Quinametzin" ruled the age of the sun rain and Quetzalcoatl made rain fire ( missiles, lasers, ) and burned Quinametzin to death!!

When the Spanish arrived they were told they fought with the the last Quinametzin, also this are referred to the Tula giants!

When I was a kid my father had a Tula Giant sculpture and there was a plaque that said Atlantes de Tula! I always wondered why they were named Atlantes, as I grew up I learned about our Atlantean past and everything made sense!!

An interesting translation of Teotihuacan it's said to be "Where Humans awaken from their illusions and realize their divinity" from the original official name "where men become gods"

Definitely this power centers, pyramids and structures hold a divine cosmic meaning to this very day and those of us that truly connect with this Devine technology understand this without the breed of text books or online articles? It's a true divine experience to immerse in this ancient holy sites.

I been blessed to have traveled to over 67 countries visiting hundreds of ancient sites around the world, looking for evidence of a lost Atlantean civilization, like many of us are not truly satisfied with the official statement from the mainstream educational system, but we are now on our own quest with thirst of knowledge and wisdom directly from this ancient monolithic structures..

When I was 14 years old in my elementary class library just as I moved to the US I picked up a copy of Von Daniken "Charriots of the Gods" I was shock to find this book originally I was searching for UFO and ghost and witchcraft in the school library and was amazed to find this book, It was my first book I ever read and completely changed  my mind!! I took it to class and instead of paying attention I was more interested in reading this book.

I had no interest in the brainwash I was given in class, another example is my older brother RIP, had a copy of a book about the prophet ezequiel abductee by aliens, I read this book over and over and was my first exposure to ancient aliens origins, another example my mother had a boom called caballo de troya by JJ Benitez about a time travel device to ancient times build by aliens, all of this spark my interest in start my quest around the world! 

I urge you to open your mind and start contributing help us to rediscover our ancient past, visit this ancient sites and rediscover your inner self, help us pave a new age cosmology in a new science, bring crated..

Recently this week I started signing up for Facebook pages on ancient alien theories and i was amazed to see ordinary people fully immerse in this quest of knowledge.

For centuries this branch has only been done by archaeologist and here we are 21st century people with power of Internet google earth and other simple technologies are doing incredible work in rediscovering our Atlantean past.

Many of this newly researchers have sprouted their attention ever since the famous tv show ancient aliens, before that it was casted away by only a few crazy freaks that believed in ancient aliens, now days its almost like a religion, which has its pro and cons, not every single thing in history has an ancient alien connection, lets give credit to archaeologist that devoted their whole life's to paint us a story to understand this ancient cultures..

The more i search and travel to this ancient sites I learned that a lot of them have a history and not all are what we believed as alien technologies, they are like us trying to understand also their true origins, it's when we search truly into the oldest past when the history we know starts to get confusing and mysterious, and it's our job to fully decode this and fulfill our time on earth looking for our own divinity..

Thank you for reading and till the next post!!

Mucho Amor!!
Guillermo Alarcón
June 2nd 2013

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